Monday, July 17, 2017

SXM - Bequia.. Monday (2).. DON

Wednesday morning (sxm)
 Don is dead... and Invest 96 has a tough road ahead.
So now its light winds at the end near Bequia, no hurry..

Tuesday morning 0900 (sxm).. 
This AM tropics map shows Tropical Storm Don with Invest 96 behind.
 Don has continued to keep healthy with winds bumped up to 50mph. Officially NHC has him peaking at 60mph. Have to keep watching as smaller systems can be tricky. Seems to be struggling some this AM however so keep up on the latest 11am advisory. He is tracking west at a quick 18mph. Our new area Invest 96 looks to be pulled more north. Hard to say yet with this one as models aren't showing much. Seems watching in real time is proving the best method right now as models have been all over the place it seems. Everything updated on the site and APP. / Mikes Weather Page APP

Monday 2000 (sxm)..........
Well.. Condor ready to move, the 'Don' gets named..  So I'll have a closer look tomorrow, departure delayed..

A tropical storm warning has been issued for Grenada, while Barbados, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines are under tropical storm watches, following the formation of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season’s fourth storm.

DON is its name

 “This motion is expected to continue through Wednesday, with a gradual increase in forward speed.  On the forecast track, the centre of Don will move through the Windward Islands late Tuesday and Tuesday night,” it said.
“Little change in strength is forecast during the next 48 hours.”

Looks now like wet windy trip, and U never know, although not expected, if it goes more north it will be wetter and probably windier...

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