Thursday, January 5, 2012


Miss Guided..

From Robbie.... Hoedemaker series 7,14 and 21st

1 .Miss Terry  (at smyc)              Team Robbie
2  Miss Behaving (on lift)             Team Marshall  
3. Miss Spent  (on strap lift)        Team Bernard/Claudio
4. Miss Tyknight (on hard)           Team Soons/Stoutenbeek
5. Miss Hap (on hard)                 Team Bus
6. Miss Isle (on hard)                  Team Knol
7  Miss Petrafied                        Team John/Guy
8  Miss Guided                        Team Han

Looking forward to restarting the great racing we were used to ! At this time Windguru is predicting 15 knots of wind which will be perfect !

TeamHan...  Han, Bart v Vliet en Jirja de Kool