Saturday, September 26, 2009

one year

27 Sept 0700, it's 1 year ago that I left Scheveningen... 8.5 days to Cascais, later 4.5 days to Lanzarote, 1 day to Las Palmas, 25 days to St Maarten, 4 days to Grenada and then 1 day to Trinidad... = 44 days sailing.
on shore.. Cascais 20+8, Las Palmas 20+8= 56 days living at 4m high..

Now place between 2 metal things in water and shore, palm tree 1m from my boat until 26th of October... Waiting for engine solution

NY was good to be, 55 FD's, and a lot of people I know, 8 nights in a normal bed, nice temperature... very good..
5-14 sept I was in NY to sail Flying Dutchman races on the Hudson, next to the Statue of Liberty. All part of 400 year NewYork .. I sail with Peter van Veen in FD 69 (bownr 33)
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