Sunday, December 20, 2009

SSB radio/pactor works again..

Had problem with conection cumpu/pactor.. solved

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You have to see this KLM 747 land here...

(you have to copy it, this link does not want to auto load... strange

The runway here is short... There actually is a bar there at the beach to see it yourself with a drink etc.

I am curently parked near the entrance to the bridge to the Lagoon, so i just Google the names of the nice boats and I moostly get to see all about the ships...

Big Aron

Big Aron, 46m looked bigger last night with me in front and lights.. US$165000.00-195000.00/wk ... but not yet realy Mega

3 times lucky, 1 win, 1 scarry, 1 realy lucky...

1 Yesterday I was called by my Dutch phone provider KPN, I won something, I can call 1 month for free!!! The only problem is... It is only for calls in the Netherlands, well, since I'm not there... it is worth nothing to me. I even have a contract for 20e a month, aparently these 20e are also only for calls in the netherlands, so I throw this away every month.. I should take prepaid the lady said, that does not work, where do i get credit overhere???

I have to look into this mather..

2 At 0400 (I was asleep in back of Condor) I wake up because of horn sounds and lights. When I get out I apear to be swept of my anchor and ended several 100m further infront of a large ' Mega' Motor boat Big Aron. I'm just 20 m infront of it. It takes me 2-3 minutes to start engine..

3 After all this time I'm still infront of motor boat, how is this possible, has my dragging achor caught his and is that holding me?
After some time I finally get the anchore above water (hand power) and there is an other chain around it. It takes some time to get the havy chain of my anchor and it is not his.. So I caught a left anchor chain while slipping my anchor through the Simpson Bay and just caught something befor I hit this boat..

It is light now, I can see that I would have been out at sea if this boat and or left anchor chain would not have been there..

Ofcourse anything can happen if anchor fails to hold suddenly. I missed the other boats I was infront and just slipped out without hitting anything..

NB I have all power of to save power, so no anchor alarm, no light outside no VHF16 on... Only a few of the smaller boats like me actually have lights on etc..

ach ja...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Safety firts.. down to rescue boats etc

2 formerly flying fishass bottom left corner..

Change again... SXM = St Maarten it is

Hello Kiki and Thomas,/ and the rest, I have limited time so this to all... (Kiki and Thomas were/are also in Trinidad)

I'm here at Mc Donalds, my only way to connect to the world in St Maarten..

My phone receves your sms, I see 5 call's missed but i can not call or sms, very strange..

OK, I decided to do more sailing when I was at Grenada aftre one night sailing (I left Trinidad 09/12 at 1600), so i did not go in but went on,
i tried to mail from ther boat but it would not work, so sorry for that.
I had a lot of wind but was very nice, only thing I arrived ad 3 am (13/12) and it was very dark, so I waited outside.. (Tired and with a lot of wind anchoring in between I do not know how many boats is not a good idea) This waiting was the real hard part, boat not rely moving, left right about, so things broke.. Also your XMAS chocholate thing, i had put in fridge (otherwhise it melts) but now it was squashed and I have a layer of chocolate every where.. ahh, pitty

I came in this morning, tried phone.. nothing.
Anchor was draging, etc etc. I just cleared in an went for thr yachtclub.. no internet, so..

Mc Donalds it is, where there is free internet, and my only way to communicate at the moment, sorry.

Well, the new rigging works very well, I had 20+knots of wind almost all the time, and the new added backstays work very well, no pumping of the mast any more, a safe situation.

At Grenada I already heard my auto pilot hydrolics pump make strange sounds, but was still working, so that was also a reason to go on, see what the problem was/is and if it failed, I would find a way out. It still works, but makes other alarming sounds, but here at St Maarten is probably a solution to be found, and for the rest, problems are never over. The wind meters (2) worked at the beginning, one stoped after a day and the next a day later, so I could not see how much wind it actually was, and notr the direction. That is nice when going up wind to see how good everything is compaired to the wind etcd etc.
The mail thing did not work, so no wind info, just go and see. The installer is here at SXM, a electo expert, so maybe he cvan help me with the auto pilot. windexes and also with battery problems, or he will hopefully know where to go..

I payed 3 weeks here (20us/week just to anchore) so I will be here for XMAS and old/new I think..

Probably I get internet to morrow on board, so beter connection with the rest of the world.

I have to find my 'chippy' phone card and other phone, then you can try

00 599 58 11 695

my antillies nr if it still works

I go on.. to sleep, it is 1300 here now, 34gr blue and windy.. no sleep, relax, maybe a book, and a rum or so and coke..


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Grenada again

9 dec I wil go up north, the best way I learned is to leave here at 1400, so I will be out and north of Trinidad at 1600, and current will take me up east a little so it is easier to make it to Granada, up wind.
I will probably be there at 0500 or something like that, so no hurry. Will be rough ride 20-25 knots, maybe more..