Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 times lucky, 1 win, 1 scarry, 1 realy lucky...

1 Yesterday I was called by my Dutch phone provider KPN, I won something, I can call 1 month for free!!! The only problem is... It is only for calls in the Netherlands, well, since I'm not there... it is worth nothing to me. I even have a contract for 20e a month, aparently these 20e are also only for calls in the netherlands, so I throw this away every month.. I should take prepaid the lady said, that does not work, where do i get credit overhere???

I have to look into this mather..

2 At 0400 (I was asleep in back of Condor) I wake up because of horn sounds and lights. When I get out I apear to be swept of my anchor and ended several 100m further infront of a large ' Mega' Motor boat Big Aron. I'm just 20 m infront of it. It takes me 2-3 minutes to start engine..

3 After all this time I'm still infront of motor boat, how is this possible, has my dragging achor caught his and is that holding me?
After some time I finally get the anchore above water (hand power) and there is an other chain around it. It takes some time to get the havy chain of my anchor and it is not his.. So I caught a left anchor chain while slipping my anchor through the Simpson Bay and just caught something befor I hit this boat..

It is light now, I can see that I would have been out at sea if this boat and or left anchor chain would not have been there..

Ofcourse anything can happen if anchor fails to hold suddenly. I missed the other boats I was infront and just slipped out without hitting anything..

NB I have all power of to save power, so no anchor alarm, no light outside no VHF16 on... Only a few of the smaller boats like me actually have lights on etc..

ach ja...

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  1. Haha, goeie actie sherrif!
    Gelukkig er niet tegen aan ;-)