Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sophie a bigger pot..

 I bought Sophie a year ago on Bonaire for 10usd, now a year later I take plastic of and in a bigger pot.. In the last year she has lived on my aft deck, and definatively has had her share af salt water spray during sailing.. but she seems strong, and maybe one day big enough so we can relax in her shade..  nahh, we'll see.. 

This was here first trip last year, Bonaire Curacao

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday.. Clarkes Court Bay to St George with Rees and Josh

Sunday we sailed back with 12 knots wind down wind, Rees sailed the laser all the way back, and somewhere half way we anchored on a reef (only .5m under the keel) for snorkel session and Josh had his turn in the Laser...

Josh at the helm..


Anchored on a reef half way


Not much room left under the keel, but enough..

Grenada nice green island..
 Jack and Sophie visit swimming from their Modesty..

Looking at the Modesty in the left top corner, and they also swam back after the koffie and Coconut juice

Dinner.. just meat

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Youth Clarkes Court Bay regatta.. Grenada 20th okt

Shakeem and Rees sail my Laser and...  win..  cheers guys
Noah..  2nd in Opties

Nicolas with Budget boat..

Nice 'clubhouse' at Clarkes Court Bay Marinna

Interviews..  new experience?
Lunch.. hamburgers with frietes..

Transport of Team Gouyave (where next race is nov 4th).. boats and sailors in the back..