Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bequia - Mayreau - Carriacou - Grenada Prickley Bay and Clarcks Court Bay

Internet antenna broke down, bought data for mobile phone, 5GB, but they forgot to mention its is useless because there is no 4G on the island..  so lousy Internet. Other internet through antena also bad, ever since I first came here in 2009, so I give up, may be next year...

Now finally on good Internet in restaurant, lots of muskietos btw, but now both headsets don't work..

And the other communication system for on the water only worked 1 day, then somehow I could not send with it, still have to find out whats wrong there..

Weather is between very good and very bad, but we manage somehow..


 Sophie went down, had to tie here up better..  boat heavily roling..