Monday, May 22, 2017

Fresh coat

Centre cockpit, 'dog house' and part of deck..  sand, etch, ground and after 12 hours.. paint.
Not much wind but still ocasional gust wants to tip the paint bucket over, rolers (2 kinds 'spesial') disolve and leave shit in paint..  night work..
And now I have to exit the boat through front hatch..  cockpit is wet..
1 more layer, then the woodwork and rest of deck etc etc

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Still flaoting in St Maarten..

The official hurricane season start is June 1st, so most boats have left..
Today also Nico starts his trip back to NL, after 8 yrs in the Caribe..  Bye Domino...

Adastra 42x16m through the bridge 17m
Adastra, $15M can house up nine guests, in addition to six crew members, and travel at a speed of up to 22.5 knots. It’s fuel efficient, too, able to make it 4,000 miles — longer than a trip from London to New York

Condor will stay in St Maarten for a few more month weather permitting before going south..  more maintenance etc..