Saturday, September 16, 2017

Leaving Antigua again..

This time it is Maria..  she is flying in to fast..
So I set sail south west and then later east again probably to Baquai..
After that try up north again..

 Antigua YC Marina..
 Rhone went up to spray wd40 on wind sensor ..  need new one..  bearings not good any more//

CU after Maria..


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Grenada to Martinique

Cleared out and sailing 150nm to Martinique, meet there with the Kim..



Friday, September 8, 2017


 Yacht Club from dutch bridge
Dutch bridge facing west..  I'm normally anchored just to right here..

Dutch Coast Guard next to bridge..  note the black cat on roof.. probably wondering..

Way to Lagoonies through bridge by water..

Airport road..

cruise terminal docks great bay Apparently the docks made to hold 300m+ Cruise liners.. not strong enough for the waves......................

Simpson Bay Marina..
Simpson Bay Marina below..  used to be a safe place (sort of) with hurricanes so far..  not this time..

Airport road..  boat is/was actually still not in use/finished from previous hurricane..

Mason only one to seem survived at Witches Tit..
The rest at Tit.. 
Sjaak and Arthur went into Mullet behind the 13th green of Golf Club

remains of a friend house.. lives elsewhere now...   looks dry and well ventilated

Palapa Marina..  needs work

El Rancho steak restaurant..

Isle de Sol..


Porte de Plesamce


Casino across Blue point store Cole Bay

Anguilla Sandy Ground...
That's Dad's with the palm tree in front with yellow deck...and car is parked right in front. — at Dad's Bar & Grill Anguilla.



Moorings hurricane shelter BVI..  before and after..

French Side shit.....

French bridge missing essential big blue part..

 Marina french side Marigo.. before and after..