Friday, December 8, 2017


 LSR repairs underway
2 windy for Sophie, she went down 2ce

GAME CHANGER Yacht Support vessel

Cooling the Mercedes works again.. Will it hold..... how long...?


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Nice visit to Anguilla, more boatshit

Anguilla Saturday night, 
Frits's Melges next to Condor and 7 people sleeping on Condor..
After a 2nd and 3rd the stay at Condor resulted in a 1st at Sundays race back to Simpson Bay....

Last camera broke down 2 weeks ago, cant find what I want on island.. Hope to have one again in 2 weeks..     ( pics here from phone..)

Several engine problems and several electrical/battery/solar/wind generator/power problems..


Maybe next year  

Anchored now... Simpson Bay next to entrance bridge..

Situation below deck..  room for 8 sleeping below deck..
2 up front,
2 on left and right couches, ...I love the Couch baby..
and 4 in king size bed aft cabin..
Then 2 more in center cockpit (my favorite place, nice cooling wind etc)..
and then even 2 more possibilities in hammock between mast and fore stay and one on bean bag under Sophie..
Totals 8 below, 4 on deck= so 12 is even possible..  

 Of course shit happened again.. (looks shabby but no problems with this since I bought Condor April 2004)

 and again (thanks 1. Bob, dinghy to Budget.. 2 Des Sunday with all luggage to Yacht Club, 3 Bob Lia back to Condor, 4 Appie etc for towing other dinghy back from Anguilla..  that's it so far..)
 and again (gas leak, solved in time)
 and again..  etcetc

Friday, November 24, 2017

PM Marlin finaly gone, fresh barge/crane and progress other barge

AD.. Marlin gone  Apparently he did not want to leave his office after being send away by parlement 2 weeks ago..
 Rutte over Marlin.. na 6.35 min

After trying to pull 2nd small barge of big barge with tug, they needed mobile crane to get it in.. and its in...  Other one still has to be rightened.. 

 New costumer, fresh crane, from Fort de France Martinique..  Went in at 1700..

Monday, November 20, 2017

Looks like they have a plan, Blue Beard, 12m and more around Lagoon..

Looks like they have a plan.. legs are gone,  25ton Excavator  now dropped of the 'bottom' of the barge, so flipping should be easy  with the studs welded to the barge deck..

Excavator to be lifted later, 6m deep now..

Long visit of coastguard...

Blue Beard Heineken Cat upside down on Golf course...
 Word is that moorings (the 'heavy' weights) are just laying next to the boat with no drag marks..  So probably the Cat and moorings went flying and landed here..


12meter status..


                   This Yacht is for sale.
Some hurricane Irma damage. 12 meter Americas Cup contender in the 80's.
Make an offer....   Posting for owners. Jaco Pieterse to SXM Cruisers - Buy, Sell, Swap & Give Away      October 28 at 7.33pm


So in case of a hurricane they just let this float on the lagoon..  Few people stayed on their boat..  not wise of course..  but if then this fucker comes bye..  Crazy that these big things are allowed and obviously never on any descent anchor, same as big tug boats and the 'Yachthop'