Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Voile de St Barth

Video:   just after lastdays start.. 

And a minute later the photographer (on board on request of the Comity) flushed overboard and our race was over..

And this is the guy who flushed overboard, apologizing to Albert for it..

Nix... something on lens,  sorry

 Saved a Budget Melges24 being squashed by anchor dragging rental carbon cat..  I was able to push the cat forward with my dingy, called Scarabelli and they found the 'rentalist' who then later moved his rental and as thanks anchored right in front of me..  Guess my Aluminum is stronger then his carbon if it comes to it...

 Rig under pressure..

and since HB is sailing back to Med..  small party...



Irish coffies..