Sunday, September 28, 2014


Leaving Kralendijk at 0200, coffee at 0800 at Louds Rafiki on Spanish Wasters Curacao..

Have North jib repaired by Rob and get some material for Condors most relaxing lounge area, or as close as I can get it to that state..

Back on Friday for with all sorts of races Monday  6th  - Friday 10th..

Not sure jet how I will participate..


 Er was er een jarig hoe..  met oa Pimmetje, Hanneke, Twentse Meid, Paul, Fred, Blabber, Bennie en.. Ingrid met Mathies, Marije, Marco en woef..  Tatoosh has nice toys..  For sale since may  2010, asking 125e

Snelle Lelle ( pronounced in Swedish with rolling L's, fast Lelle)

Out and in and problems solved in 3 days

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jasper flying...

Click on first picture, the F11 or something to make it full screen and then play slideshow a little bit quick,

or just keep clicking

or best even,, rolling   quickly and you will see Jasper fly.. 

Jasper actually flies a long stretch withe kite and then flies home...