Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 knots max for Dorian

fuel pump broken.. found new one.. works
 Spirit in the box
 25th 1900
 Dorian...  no problems but from south, so Simpson Bay not nice then, so into the Lagoon to be safe

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dorian.. what he looks like now.. 17.30 wednesday 24th

This was made Wednesday 17.30  (Update of few hours later 1945.. is that windguru does not show it any more like below..  (now 16 knts from east all the time, and Dorian goes over us??) we'll see tomorrow what the story is then)

Ben je net lekker aan het verven .. komt Dorian?

Wood is nice material..  good sanding and epifanes over it and ... almost like new.

I have to do this 'in parts'left side first..

Been under water again, ear ok, but bottom needs few hours of work again..  need to put some antifauling paint on because 2 weeks ago it was very clean..

Saturday, July 20, 2013


(update It is now 21 jul 2100...  The computer programs predictions of today do not show any more what was posted yesterday..  )

Ugrib   forecasts at sat 20 jul 1800 sxm time   .....   
This is what computers predict for NEXT Saturday, nothing even to see coming from Africa for a few days, but computers say....  amazing, I'll keep checking it.. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

To Phillipsburg and back to Simpson bay

For boats yearly local 'registration'  check..  count flares, check lights, flag, bilge pump, signaling mirror, whistles on live vests  etc..

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cleaning my bottom

Used 5 bottles of air so far, but very hard to get all shit off...  Need to get some fresh anti fouling on soon, because it grows to fast now, anti fauling of 2 year ago was not very good..

Keel and rest of bottom was painted with black anti fauling...  trying to scrape all white shit off but inch by inch, but also black paint is off..  primer underneath was/is yellow and shows almost 50% now..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No problems

Wind was ok yesterday, but the mooring line broke..  I was on board, so dropped my own anchor an no problems.

I do suddenly have a sort of rash, might be heat rash, make it a little uncomfortable but it is already less then yesterday..

Still have some things to do here, so not leaving yet..


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chantal....and next week one more
Chantal seems to pass us in St Maarten with enough distance, but prepared the Condor just incase.. I'm outside in Simpson Bay, mabe go on a moring to morrow if available just to sleep a bit better..

Above is Ugrib  file for tomorrow Tuesday 1800
Below shows the next one.. predictions for Fri and Monday.

 Maybe I will try to get to Grenada in between ..  Last year I left St Maarten sept 1st ( no huricane shit before that date) and did 385 nmiles in 2.5 days (and back to St Maarte  in nov in 3 days) ..
Not sure I have enough wind this time for quick trip, so maybe stay here ..  We'll see..
This is where Condor is (with some other boats btw) seen from 200m high home of Paul/Appie (when Paul not here)