Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chantal....and next week one more

Chantal seems to pass us in St Maarten with enough distance, but prepared the Condor just incase.. I'm outside in Simpson Bay, mabe go on a moring to morrow if available just to sleep a bit better..

Above is Ugrib  file for tomorrow Tuesday 1800
Below shows the next one.. predictions for Fri and Monday.

 Maybe I will try to get to Grenada in between ..  Last year I left St Maarten sept 1st ( no huricane shit before that date) and did 385 nmiles in 2.5 days (and back to St Maarte  in nov in 3 days) ..
Not sure I have enough wind this time for quick trip, so maybe stay here ..  We'll see..
This is where Condor is (with some other boats btw) seen from 200m high home of Paul/Appie (when Paul not here)

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