Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheers and all the best for 15..

Went to Scrub Island to day.. (most north east and remote island of Anguilla)..   Everybody very happy, top location..

Tonight dinner at 2000 at the Pumphouse where the Reggae band starts at 2100..  then midnight Dad's starts.. music until 0300 to start the new year..  tomorrow to Gustavia St Barth..  Top 10 days and even get payed..  (very good.. :) ) 

Cheers and all the best for 15..   


Monday, December 29, 2014

Skippering a Leopard 40..

Sailing around SXM, Anguilla and St Barth, back jan 7th..
Enjoy 14=>15  and .... etcetc


Other Leopard..  Las Palmas-Antigua 8 days.. 2500nm/(8x24)=13 knots/hr average

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sydney Hobart 2014

record time.. 2012 Wild Oats XI 1day..18hrs and 23:12
Race distance 630 nautical miles (1,170 km)

"It's certainly not a forecast for a record," Wild Oats XI skipper Mark Richards said.
"The record will get smashed one year, but I don't think this will be the year."
Worst Disaster: 1998, 6 sailors died and 5 yachts sunk; 115 yachts started but only 43 finished.,-with-andrew-treloar-of-the-bureau-of-meteorology/

 ...."Comanche" VPLP 100 Super Maxi Ocean Racing Yacht   .....    Comanche sailboat    ...  Cooking the machine, Jim Clark's 100 ftter

The Machine: Jim Clark’s 100-footer
Cooking The Machine: Jim Clark’s 100-footer
Cooking The Machine: Jim Clark’s 100-footer