Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marlow Cup, 2nd overall in the end

Today we (me with crew Pieter and Paul Soons) sailed 4 races 1,2,1,2 so we ended up 2nd in total, behind Frits Bus (with Rien Korteknie and Garth). I only managed to end up 1 race in front of him, so he was better.. We sailed 9 races yesterday, 4 today, rotating the boats.. every race in an other boat, so all had the same material to deal with.. Roel ten Hoope and Anne Roos were still in front of us yesterday, but dropped a place to 3rd, 4rth last years winners Jolyon Ferron (with Rhone and Stephen), 5th Karl from Antigua and 6th Robbie Ferron him self..  etcetc.. see score sheet

On the Lagoon in St Maarten, next to the runway of the airport (only few planes, nice view, no bother to us).. 9 boats, up, down, up, down, up finish, start=finish line in the middle and Robbie Ferrons catamaran next to the start/finish boat with a 'dock' on the side where crew/boat changes were quickly executed between every race, and the crews not sailing that race stayed at the catamaran having perfect view on the other race with abundant cool drinks and baguettes ham/cheese etc..

several boats had to be repaired some times, and the crews unable to compete for that reason got average points, last day a centerboard broke of.. so we had one boat less the last few races.

Weather was perfect, sun and some clouds, 4-5 bfrd 'stable' wind, sailing in 20ft LSR Jeanneau boat just with jib and mainsail

TeamHan XXL weighed in at 112.8+95.5+101.7=310kg, I thought we would be to heavy but it turned out there was enough wind to be competitive. Only one race we had a bad start and every choice after that was wrong that race..7th, all other 12 races were very enjoyable.....

1st Rien, Garth and Frits
2nd Paul, me and Pieter
3rd Roel, Anne and ..
4rth Stephen, Rhone and Jolyon..  and 6th Robbie, u see him in every picture with his white hat presenting the prices..

1st race of sunday, we were free and watching race relaxed from trampoline on the catamaran/change over/bar and restaurant boat..

Centreboard broken of on one boat..
Robbie in the lead pasing the cameraman on the second beat..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Just some pics..

 Cleaning the dinghy's bottom, to much things living there makes dinghy slow and using gas..

sailing LSR with Jolyon Ferron...  Just enough wind and no first but was good and nice sailing.

 And we were fighting with Jolyon's dad Robby several times of course..
 Orange shirt for football and Olympics..
 Happy Hour at Lagoonies, nice and quiet now everybody has gone for the Hurricane season which officially started 1st of June, but should be safe here until en of July and then head south again to Bequia, Tobago Cays and Grenada, maybe later to Bonaire, time will tell..
 Jirja leaving for 'holliday' at home in Holland..
 David helps with elctronic problems..
 At en Dia vertrekken vrijdag 1 juni om 1500 dan vanuit St Maarten dus naar de Azoren