Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diving, cleaning, measuring.. Condor needs to get out of water

Hull zink anodes hardly used since feb 2009

Propanode 30% left


returning concern, is it crack at rudder conection?

pure Aluminium at te edges

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Team Interlux Clinches Marlow Regatta Article as submitted to The Daily Herald and TODAY by Kathy Gifford.

Simpson Bay Lagoon – Team Interlux, an impressive team of young St. Maarten athletes, won the 10th annual Marlow Regatta. Jolyon Ferron (16), Stephen Looser (16), Rhone Findlay (15), and Saskia Looser (13) pooled their talents and beat the fleet.

The thing that makes this youth team stand out is their ability to work together. Individually talented, they come together like pieces in a puzzle, each equally aware of, and contributing to, the big picture. Well-trained, disciplined, co-operative and keen, they are an unbeatable combination!

In second place came Frits Bus and his team, Rein Korteknie and Roel ten Hopen, of St. Maarten. Eric Baray, of Martinique, sailing with his son, Medhi, and Andrew Dove, of Antigua, took third place as Team North Sails.

Other notable competitors were the recent winner of the Heineken Light Caribbean Laser Championship, Benoit Meesemaeker, of St. Barth’s; Francois de Corlieu, of St. Barth’s; Team Tropical Sailloft which stepped up to the plate after a last minute cancellation; and, the eight young people from the SMYC Youth Sailing Programme who took part in the Regatta.

Sailing in a fleet of one-design Jeanneau 20 sailboats, in strong and shifty winds, ten teams completed nineteen races during the two-day event. Boats were rotated throughout the regatta to keep the playing field level. The racing was tight, with only 6 points between first and third place in the final results. The fleet was always together, demonstrating how evenly-matched the teams were. In one race, there were only 38 seconds between first and last place! This consistency among the teams made the race fulfilling for the participants and exciting for the spectators on the committee boat.

The Marlow Regatta was sponsored by Marlow Rope of the UK. Marlow Rope has been manufacturing high-quality yacht rope for over 200 years, and has been represented in the Caribbean for 25 years by Budget Marine.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Marlow results

Lagoon St Maarten, next to the airport.
Weather: Perfect. Saturday nice 15+ knots wind, Sunday a little more variation in windspeed made it harder some times. Downwind the airport side was moostly favourable but surprisingly upwind the other side gave more pressure and possibilities.

8 boats, 10 teams and 4 races per boat, allways 2 teams waiting on Robbies start catamaran ship which had a floating dock on the right side where 4 teams change 2 boats after every race.

Crew TeamHan: Me, Ton Koole and Bart van Vliet (nickname awesome I understood, 115+100+45= 260 kg, should be good)
Perfect schedule, one lay race each 4 races is perfect time to recover and use cool refreshments in abundance available on the startship..

First 2 races went well, 3rd and 1st. Then first change for us, next race also went well but fucked majorly up in the very end: a 6..

Then starting problems and extensive lunch somehow made it a hard fight for results.

The winning team of Jolyon favoured a flying start at startship moost times, seems way better then to get this sort of boat going at 20 or even 30 sec from gun.

Sunday morning Frits Bus came back hard but in the end Jolyon took control again and I just got too many discards and got really hammered hard in the very last 200m upwind part of the series to the finnish (if I ever wanted to be 2nd overall that is), a wrong left gate choise in stead of the direct fight with Benoit who took the right mark ended me with a 6th, auwch..

Thanks Robbie and the others, if this was every weekend, I’d do it every weekend…


Marlow results pics






10 and Robbie Ferron price giving

Marlow Cup

Appie (1st), Jolyon

Jolyon, Appie (first at that moment) and Robbie




Ernst Looser, Harry and Bodine

Bart, Frits, Jolyon and Ton

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marlow cup satureday

St Maarten Yacht Club




Soons brothers and Appie