Thursday, June 16, 2011

New sails again, First time on the Condor..

Mainsail exploded last Febuary, Genoa and Staysail were also getting to old (1992) so befor they also leave me ... new (and oldies still for emergencies)..

Staysail is very nice, but still having trouble to find right blocks and rails to feed the sheet, also need more support under the 3.5mm deck.

Since I will go south to Granada (little higher then halfwind) and then downwind west to Bonaire and Curacao I will not need Staysail untill I want to go back north or east, the upwind sail needed then... so no real hurry for perfection jet.

Last picture is bow of the Styx (Ed en Griet) and shows how the staysail will be put away when not used...

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