Wednesday, September 14, 2016

West... Grenada - Bonaire..

Grenada was very rolly.. so moving west now..
385nm down wind..
no hurry,
time to catch some Yellow fin Tuna I hope..

Yellowfins are able to escape most predators, because unlike most fish, tuna are warm-blooded, and their warm muscles make them extremely strong swimmers, with yellowfin tuna reaching "speeds of up to 50 miles per hour"

Slow trip, not much wind but very relaxing.. 
to slow to catch nice fish, I gave up after 1 Dolphin/MahiMahi..

 Foiling kiter enjoying himself at Bonaire in the middle of a lot of dolphins
  Of course I arrive just after dark..  the full moon showed itself a few minutes after I found a mooring near Kareltjes bar at Kralendijk.