Monday, August 29, 2016

South.. SXM to Grenada

Time to sail a bit with the Condor..

From St Maarten South to Grenada..  355nm..
Nice Easterly 15-20knots.. perfect


 Unbelievable fast this time..  Left Monday 1800 and arrived Wednesday 2200..  355nm in 52 hours..   6.83knts average..  Nights pitch black, saw no other boats at all, long times 8knts+ with my under 12m Condor..  23knots wind max, full jib and main, about 60 to the wind..

Very, very nice..

Of coarse..  All also resulted in arriving at anchorage at pitch black time of 2200...  nice
I thought arriving 0600 the next morning earliest..

 Sophie has a bigger pot to stand in and survived again, now almost 5 years on board..

 This is how one anchors here at St George Grenada..  The 'floor' is old coral with tiny layer of sand..  So anchor has to find a rock to set its self behind..
 So you better check it in the water..