Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chris wanted to sail... on his way to Azores

Chris (see earlier blog 'crew offer sxm to Europe') arrived last sunday and yesterday he embarked on Jim's (64, Brit, teacher languages, 6 kids) 33ft Carter to sail with him to Horta, Azores. On the way visiting Anguila, Britisch Virgin Islands and Bermuda.

I did not know Chris, but though Cesar Siehuis he made contact with me, so I told him this was the place to be for excersises like that, I put up 'flyer' with his add here where the happy hours are and thus he got a mail from Jim..


Team Han (making sailing possible department)

Nico's Worldrecord sinking of 3 dinghies in 3 days

Nico managed to sink 3 diferent dinghies in 3 consecutive days, It must be a world record.. Non of the dinghies were hyperlon (UV resistand) but normal PVC dinghies. On sunday 17th he sank dinghy no1 under the bridge next to St Maarten Yachtclub, the dinghy bursted open and he just made it to the dock which was 10m away..

Monday he called from Lagoonies, he was using his spare dinghy now (not used for 3 years) and when he came back to the place where he had left it it was gone.. Nowhere to be seen. Then he looked down and there it was, lock still atached but dinghy, engine and everything hanging down from the dock under water...

Tuesday 19th 1400.. Nico calls me, and he does not know how to say it, now my spare dinghy went down, at axact same place at lagoonies as yesterday with his spare.. Now he was there to buy a second hand, but owner had changed mind, so no dinghy. He was talking about it with 'Rebel' and at that moment my dinghy burst open en went down. Even standing next to it he said he was only just in time to keep my engin above water. In this case I think the glue can not stand UV, and the band across it shading it for direct sunlight had let go, maybe glue so it would have stayed in place would have saved my dinghy.. I had used it dayly uptill last august, when I got my new second hand in Curacao..

ach ja..

Can anyone beet Nico's 3 dinghies, any one 4? (in 4 days?)


Team Han (rescue services department)

Friday, April 15, 2011 Rocket....Rocks..

50hp and good towlines and we get the Rocket (32ft boat) of the rocks while Coastguard see what we do after they said that it was to late, Rocket grounded so why do anything..


Team Han (recue services)

Just helped pull 32fter of rocks

Owners show up, start engine and problem solved.. 1600 Coastguard cam to 'help' but they said that it was on the rocks already.. I then went to try it, put line on anchor line (anchor was out but it had drifted with anchor which had probably just weed on it).. Got help from guy with 50hp and he also put line on anchor line and we (he) pullede the boat to freedom. The 30+ knots wind was way less when we did id. 50m furter we stopped, anchor was not holding again ofcoure. I got my spare anchor and had just tied it to boat when owners showed up, started engine and problems over. Very wet, my boat very full of water and long lines in a bundel etcetc.. 1700 now, of to Lagonies again.. happy hour... cheers

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend pics1...

Weekend pics2..

Weekend pics3..


Team Han (training/coaching and pics department)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ajax-director Rik van den Boog and (soon to be ex-) Ajax preses Uri Coronel leak once every hour something at advice of strategy company Burson-Marsteller of Kees Boef to discredit ‘camp’ Cruijff ..

Burson-Marsteller is a public relations agency that was formed by Harold Burson and Bill Marsteller in 1953, has 58 wholly owned and 45 affiliated offices in 59 countries across six continents.
The firm was the first US public relations firms to establish itself in Europe (1961) and was the first public relations firm to achieve $100 million in revenues (1985), $200 million (1992) and $300 million (2000).[2]
In 1994, Burson-Marsteller executive Thomas J. Mosser was killed by a mailbomb sent by "Unabomber" Theodore Kaczynski. In a letter to the New York Times Kaczynski said he targeted Mosser because the company "helped Exxon clean up its public image after the Exxon Valdez incident" and, more importantly, because "its business is the development of techniques for manipulating people's attitudes."
In 1999, Harold Burson was named by PRWeek as the industry's "most influential person of the 20th Century
Notable current employees of the company include Karen Hughes, former senior aide to US President George W. Bush, Mark Penn, political polling consultant and former chief strategist of the 2008 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and current CEO of Burson-Marsteller, and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino

Etcetc.. very very sad company, Sad people,
they make money with dirty war,

everything for result… truth does not matter...

so very sad

Friday, April 8, 2011

Problem solved

Diesel Ton showed up, with the parts, so tomorrow was finally today. Anchore is holding to, so off to happy hour at Lagoonies... cheers An-Tiki is towed in by Henk Beentjes, Diesel Ton Koole en Dominique.. It took An-Tiki 60 or 70 ? days to get here from Las Palmas, 2.2 knots = 4km an hour was their score.. Rob with his BigOil.. a solar powered electric sailcat/dinghy, sail can be furled or reefed on rotating mast, home made electric outboard/rudder combination. Designe and technique are under constant construction/improvements but always ready to use. Battery is a (secondhand) AMG Mastervolt (but dreaming of Lithium) charged by solar panel in the 'spoiler'..

Ai, morgen, morgen, to morrow

8/4/11 Simpson Lagoon, 1100 local time. Getver.. /shjeisse. Lig lekker te krabben (bij erg harde vlaag ff), ik hoop dat anker zich verder ingegraven heeft daar bij, maar kan ook bos 'gras' gepakt hebben, 50m van de rotsen en tevens einde van de start/landings baan lokale Schiphol. Waterpomp lekte.. reparatie is nu al een paar dagen steeds morgen klaar.. Diesel Ton is er over een uurtje, zetten we toch oude maar weer ff snel in elkaar

Friday, April 1, 2011

Crew offer SXM to Europe

OK, I will post this at happyhour at Lagoonies at 1700, moost Dutch show up there... Cheers