Friday, April 8, 2011

Problem solved

Diesel Ton showed up, with the parts, so tomorrow was finally today. Anchore is holding to, so off to happy hour at Lagoonies... cheers An-Tiki is towed in by Henk Beentjes, Diesel Ton Koole en Dominique.. It took An-Tiki 60 or 70 ? days to get here from Las Palmas, 2.2 knots = 4km an hour was their score.. Rob with his BigOil.. a solar powered electric sailcat/dinghy, sail can be furled or reefed on rotating mast, home made electric outboard/rudder combination. Designe and technique are under constant construction/improvements but always ready to use. Battery is a (secondhand) AMG Mastervolt (but dreaming of Lithium) charged by solar panel in the 'spoiler'..

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