Friday, April 15, 2011

Just helped pull 32fter of rocks

Owners show up, start engine and problem solved.. 1600 Coastguard cam to 'help' but they said that it was on the rocks already.. I then went to try it, put line on anchor line (anchor was out but it had drifted with anchor which had probably just weed on it).. Got help from guy with 50hp and he also put line on anchor line and we (he) pullede the boat to freedom. The 30+ knots wind was way less when we did id. 50m furter we stopped, anchor was not holding again ofcoure. I got my spare anchor and had just tied it to boat when owners showed up, started engine and problems over. Very wet, my boat very full of water and long lines in a bundel etcetc.. 1700 now, of to Lagonies again.. happy hour... cheers

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