Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nico's Worldrecord sinking of 3 dinghies in 3 days

Nico managed to sink 3 diferent dinghies in 3 consecutive days, It must be a world record.. Non of the dinghies were hyperlon (UV resistand) but normal PVC dinghies. On sunday 17th he sank dinghy no1 under the bridge next to St Maarten Yachtclub, the dinghy bursted open and he just made it to the dock which was 10m away..

Monday he called from Lagoonies, he was using his spare dinghy now (not used for 3 years) and when he came back to the place where he had left it it was gone.. Nowhere to be seen. Then he looked down and there it was, lock still atached but dinghy, engine and everything hanging down from the dock under water...

Tuesday 19th 1400.. Nico calls me, and he does not know how to say it, now my spare dinghy went down, at axact same place at lagoonies as yesterday with his spare.. Now he was there to buy a second hand, but owner had changed mind, so no dinghy. He was talking about it with 'Rebel' and at that moment my dinghy burst open en went down. Even standing next to it he said he was only just in time to keep my engin above water. In this case I think the glue can not stand UV, and the band across it shading it for direct sunlight had let go, maybe glue so it would have stayed in place would have saved my dinghy.. I had used it dayly uptill last august, when I got my new second hand in Curacao..

ach ja..

Can anyone beet Nico's 3 dinghies, any one 4? (in 4 days?)


Team Han (rescue services department)

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