Monday, December 1, 2014

La Course de L'Alliance

Nice long weekend sailing on Robbie Ferron's J39 Ossenfeffer with Ross Barker Frank Hoedemaker Ernst Looser Steve Ellsworth.. We lost 1st 2 days after good sailing from Bobby Velasquez but last race we were close behind him stuck to his transom (need to be 40sec ahead of him per hour (rating) to beat him). In the very last part we could find more pressure and height and could create a gab at the finish of 2.05 sec, after 2.19hrs sailing time that results in a win with 6 seconds to spare.. Friday we sailed in 3+ hours from St Maarten to St Bart, Saturday 6+ hrs on the water on to Road Bay on the north side of Anguilla and Sunday back to Simpson bay St Maarten..
Nettie Vd Valk Ryan Hope Ross Ben Jelic Paul Soons Piet Kabriet Benoit Meesemaecker
Louis De Saint-Louis
Video by Ryan Hope Ross on their Melges 32..


1 Black Barrel for being 1st in the 2nd race (StB-Ang) in Racing class..
Wifi connection.............     Wauw...   ©NCG Operations Room – MRCC Mauritius
 Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing skipper Ian Walker.. . 
 “When we went past there we actually said how easy it would be to hit it at night...... very difficult to see it with the electronic charts, and of course at night you wouldn’t see it at all.”...... 

 Dongfeng skipper Charles Caudrelier....... 
it’s actually pretty hard to find. In fact, to see it on our electronic charts, you have to zoom right in on top of it........ But how and why would you zoom into it if you don’t know it’s there in the first place?... So whilst we don’t know exactly what happened on Vestas, we can imagine how it happened.”

 Marine industry consultant and professional navigator Campbell Field provides his opinion on the incident…....
“I don’t know 100% about other software packages, but Expedition routing can route freely (i.e. with no obstacles) or can be constrained by charts, or your own marks, or your own prohibited zones. Plenty of optimal route outputs run where you would have to put the wheels down.

 Back to the Carieb....  Later that night.. going home..  torrential rains ..  very wet..
Next morning..  more rain and abnormal wind direction, changes in the mooring/anchor field...


And there is the sun..  rest of the day perfect again..  :)

2 pics by Maaike vM ..  Ossenfeffer above on the left.. 


Quality Time....

Ossenfeffer..  1 Mountgay Black Barrel as day price (3rd day), over 3 days 2nd (2,2,1) behind Bobby Velasques (1,1,2) (Cruising class).. 


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