Saturday, November 22, 2014

100us prize... No gmail.... Murphy... sy Visione... Murphy

Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Ok, so shit happens..

I can not get into my gmail, and the earliest time I can try to solve is after 1300 2morrow, Sunday..



And next just because I can... (and informing U I can not get into my gmail)
A ask you, what could be the case here..
and again, just because I can, I would like to reward the winner with a meal (for 2 or lets say 100us worth) with me at the Challet (on the french side (cheese fondu or raglet). If there is a distance issue involved I offer u the same amount as contribution to the cost of it... to take your wife or what ever party to a show of a comedian playing in ur neighborhood, or a meal in a sort of special place or what ever works for U..

NB People who know already what is going on here, please stay out, for people who really can get it knowing parts of the puzzle .. please
why could this be....?


Nice boat.. refitted  Visione
2002  45x8.3m, 6.8m draft  Build by Baltic Yachts, Reichel Pugh Yacht Design

The generous luxury yacht sailing yacht VISIONE can sleep a total of 10 people and has 5 qualified crew

 Talked to the sort of old skipper who crossed with them, they came in 2day I think,
crew (mostly AC veterans) was being 'debriefed' or something on deck,
took them 13 days from Lanzarote, tacking down, making 800 'extra' miles..

Because here they take away your cell nr after 3 month (or even 2 I heard)..
I only had a card with old number..
And no email working..

Have to print some new cards..  got some more questions for them, maybe 2morrow I get a chance.
The guy I spoke to definitely liked my plan 2 do laser races short (start.. up down finish) EVERY Thursday in front of the yacht club (and where the Visione  is parked now..)
say 1500 til dark (now 1800)..  It would be the every Thursday training for the kids,  they always start, the AC veterans (and lesser Gods and me) would be welcome to make say 2 starts for 5usd (I don't know, no commercial intentions, just getting the kids good training.. and some contact with some really skilled sailors..)
If a visitor wins 2 races, he can keep starting until a youth beats him, something like that.
Races with normal rules, but also race where rocking and rolling is free maybe (good training), If a judge is available.. he will be asked to give explanation directly with decision, and the person in question is allowed to directly say the NOT reason which judge has to take in account. Or delayed penalty (when doubt or something) of a place after finish and again:

 short and relaxed discussion mandatory, it is a training, lessons 2 be learned..

A final at the end of every month for the qualified..  winner of the month
A final at the end of the year (could be before Heineken Regatta or something).. winner of the past year..
all results and scores online and in Yacht Club,
electronics on board for finish results automatic/world wide you could follow,
simple helmet with speakers AND microphone
must be possible some day... 

I see many possibilities..  

He and I think all those guys would like to have a go and make a few starts... (I did not get to explain him as much as above)

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