Friday, November 7, 2014

Toedeloe Bon sailing back to SXM..

Ready to sail back from Bonaire to St Maarten..

Goodbey Bon, maybe next year again, jenever..
485nm NE with NE-SE 12-15knts.. beating upwind,
so say 800nm to sail..
at 6 knts.. 800/6=133hr/24=5.5 days,
at 5 knts.. 800/5=160hrs/24=6.6 days..

Leaving Fri 2300.. so Simpson Bay Thursday late..

Actually it looks even slightly better, more SE looks like, so maybe quiker..  the more I can point to SXM the shorter the miles to sail..

If I do not have to tack at all..  485miles/6knts/hr = 80hrs/24 = 3 days and 8 hrs
if more wind..  7 knots..  485/7 = 70hrs/24 = under 3 days...  that wont happen...



NB  Thanks Roan for helping me get my things back on board...

 Thought I was helping Marije and Marco on a mooring..  did not last more them 10 minutes..  Immediately send away..  Bonaire is the most unfriendly island for them, wit Cur good second was Marco's conclusion..  In the end they found a spot for 3 days, on a very long line to the shore..

 Things 2 do..  Laser on deck, engins on the railing, dinghy in the davits and secure everything inside..

 After 10.6 years I now finally made a system to put my bike nicely out of the way..  yeajj
 And of course I was sweating like hell again..  but ready, time to move, 5 days to relax and read a book a day, full moon, so very nice all day..

Full moon, means I can fish 24/7..  This nice Tuna we cought 3 years ago at 0200 with full moon..  same place as I will be in a few hours btw...


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