Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friday.. SXM, St Maarten ShipYard, Chris, Canadian cat etc and Lagoonies..

Friday..  SXM,
Condor comfortably nicely in Simpson Bay..
CaribeServe did not switch on my internet yesterday, I had phoned abou it last week, and send emails..  She would switch it on..  But no, and the reason was..  she was in a meeting all day..  I do not get it, what is your work.. Switch me on or not..  Yeah, but I did it to day, only a day later.. BUt why..  I needed it yesterday, that is why I contacted you, phoned with you and even confermed it by mail again..  I do not do that for nothing..  Then she hung up the phone and never picked up the phone any more.. Also custemer service would not answer my calls..
Custumers..  (63us a month..  50us to reconnect..)  are not importand..
In dutch.. Klant is koning..  No way..

So I went to Passaat for coffee and internet..  Pieter goes cleaning his hull..  He put on Primacon but later was told (when he was back i9n the water) that it is not Antifauling..
Very strange, cost a LOT of money and work on blistering warm Yard and then you find out you have to clean the bottom by hand.. he uses high pressure, scraping etc.. but why.. you paint to protect and keep fouling off.. no other reason..  ok, so be it, until next haul out in a year..  


Gerrit and his Noordhinder going on the Lagoon..  They we hit hard by chikungunya (mosquitoes are the culprit). Also very dangerous for people with diabetics like me BUT people with O neg  blood (LIKE ME pfff) do not seem to get it.. Hoeray..  :)

 With the dinghy on the Lagoon..
 Unfortunate US owner on the remains of his boat...

 This big UNINSURED red monstrosity did a lot of damage I understand during Gonzalo floating around on the Lagoon..  It ended up here 'on' St Maarten ShipYard where it smashed into Harry's Houseboat I understand (totally destroyed underwater in front here) and also hit the Catamarans as u can see..

St Maarten ShipYard,
Chris's Odyssey still under water, floating life jacket with Odyssey remains attached to the bow of Chris's boat as pointer/reminder..

Canadian cat caught behind Pinel by Gonzalo (13th okt) finally out of the water, US ownes on the remains of his boat and Lagoonies.
Nr 19 on this beach map..
Link to St Maarten.. island with 36 beaches...  

The remains of this concrete hull boat is still under water, apparently someone bought it but probably he will have to pay for the spot now as long as he leaves it here...

Bram getting ready to go to Cuba, ant then further west.. and not coming back..
Still looking for a better dinghy

Lagoonies Friday night 2145..  Appie relaxing..

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