Saturday, September 13, 2014

On Mooring Kralendijk Bonaire..

2 hours short of 3 days..  Downwind but spi/gib pole refused cooperation.. So had to make more miles..  Tacking down, in the end I took away gib (problems even roiling it away.. work.. hard work).. without gib I could still do 6 knots and go straight down, maybe should have done that from the beginning when I found out pole was unusable..  Now straight line average less then 6knots, but even saw 11.0 knot on log..  Squall (long one) long time 40+ knots..  one sec 55knots. Full main and half a gib down wind .. 10.1, 10.3.. 10.5 etcetc...  11.0

Gib UV strip gave up, looks not good on fore-stay but repairable..  Only 3 year old North.. should not happen...?

Bigger problem.. after last hour of motoring, 40 m for the mooring, big noise..

Got to mooring, problem is for later..

Tuesday me and Jasper go kiting here..  a week, then to Cur and out of the water I suppose..

No leak btw, prop shaft is only on engine connected now..


 Frits at Grenada with his wife and 3 weeks old baby to sail a moorings boat back to SXM..  Bob and Lia are there until November..
 This is what prop looked like 1 hour before I left Grenada (above St George Grenada outside anchoring..  plenty of cruisers for the 'hurricane' season), checked prop and cleaned..  1 engine hour before breakage..

 Good book and fresh MahiMahi..

3 year old North gib, hardly used... very nice, but uv strip only sown on once, rest all done 2 or 3 double...  Why..  the ends are still on because they are done 2ce..  arrggg

 On mooring at Kralendijk...  next to Kareltjes barrrr..
 2 mooring blocks I'm on now...  with 2 Lion-fish present..  look good but dangerous and also devastating to all other fish..  reported them (as should) but they are not really interested any more.. there are to many I think..

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