Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday 8th.... till next weekend. What to do/where to go and when...

Wednesday morning..

All is clear now..  no problems

Tuesday morning..

Wave from Africa  showed potential, but now it has disappeared sort of, and now something comes behind it..  Nothing special..  
Even thinking of sailing through it down south to have some more wind..  😎

Monday morning...
Couple spots to kinda watch. Old TD #4 is still firing and trying hard to get some circulation. Not interesting for us..

A wave out in the deep Atlantic still at 20% from the NHC this AM. GFS going bonkers over it... others not much at all. Wave is there... conditions not that bad... so always a shot as it heads west. Many days to watch and see if it develops. Whatever it is should reach the Lesser Antilles Friday'ish.

Bottom line nothing too concrete on these...  just areas to keep an eye on. / Mikes Weather Page APP

Sun morning
Still getting ready for Monday evening departure, just in case..
To Bonaire would be 475nm.. under spi 6knx24= 150nm a day..  3 days..

Sunday morning prediction for Sat 15th 1400..  To close for comfort....?

Sat evening

And suddenly predictions are.. its smaller/less violent and ..  no problems  here in SXM

Sat morning 

Old TD #4 still shooting off some showers but no problems... 

The big one off Africa is next. GFS has been all over it... EURO off and on. 
First step is surviving the big jump onto water.
Timing has whatever it becomes nearing the Lesser Antilles later into next week.

 0800 (on 8 July)   predictions..  for Friday 1700..
 So if it stays down we are good here in SXM..  But shit mostly goes up, where we are...    Ready to go

Wednesday 1100
Thursday 13th 1100
Friday 14 1700

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