Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weather nice if you are swinging under cover...

Position of Condor is nice, 30sec walk to restaurant and arconditioned pool tables.. We made sunroof over entire boat and a hammack under it. Even in the boat it is very good now. I've biked to TTSE yachtclub yesterday, where laser sailing etc is, but the summer is of season here, it start in novenbre again..

Tomorrow work starts again, the clutch is slipping, the diesel pump to daytank keeps running (leek in line somewhere?), mainsail lost all battens, so take it off and have repaired, find the rigger and see when he has time to have a look, find some one to have good look at my engine.
I already found some one called David (local plummer) who can fix my cooker, but first appointment satureday.. NO SHOW.. I made appiontment 1 hour before and he knows the place where I am.. very strange ..
And much more to do.. I'll tell all about it later..

cheers Han

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