Friday, July 10, 2009

Nice trip

See you later, Rik and Annette Versteegh
Simon and Anita Apperloo with the Aura, see you in Trinidad..
So we left at 1530, an hour motoring to get in the wind and then we were on the move..
Full sails on almoost up wind and soon my wind indicator started making warnig sounds: 30knots or more wind. It stayed making the sound for an hour and a half, I could not get it shut down in the dark..

But sailing was great, 8.5 and over 9 knots all the time, I gave the main a little and kept going perfectly.. Boat was very ok, only I lost 2 sail battens, ok, sails of and to sailmaker, have it made better.

It was only 90 miles, at 9 knots thats only 10 hours, and I did not want to arrive at 0300 (was expecting way less wind) so when we ran into a lot of lightning I put in 2 reefs and roled the genoa half away..

Nice entry to Trinidad trough rough landscape and havy currents, need to get work done on engine now, the clutch is slipping.. slow speeds..
Through customs and immigration at 1100 and found nice parking space at Peake and have dinner now with Kiki and Thomas at their Catamaran which is on shore for repair.. Also Jan van de Bollemaat is anchored just in front of me, he knows everything here on the island.. good

So, everything fine here, wet and warm, and internet.. (almoost)perfect

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