Monday, July 20, 2009

..Local Trinidad Mobile nr: 00 1 868 757 1524

More then a week in Trinidad now, weather better as expected, it is warm, and if it rains it really rains. But then the sun shines again AND I have a cover over the entire boat now. Thisway the boat stays more or less dry, I do not have to worry that the hatches are open if it rains (only some water comes in) and the direct sunlight stays of the deck.. So simple blue Gamma sail does the trick..
Tomorrow I move to Powerboat where I'll be in calmer water, here at Peake it's rocking and rolling. There I'll be able to do some work on the mast etc..
Yesterday I was with friends at Maracas beach, nice drive to the otherside of the island though the rainforrest. and then perfect big beach with hte palmtrees and nice waves to play in.

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