Friday, March 4, 2011

Heineken Regatta 2011

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Today it started, the Bavaria 430 Lagoon we entered did not make it in time from Curacao, but I was asked to join a 16m Aluminum boat today, although outside competition.

Actually it turned out very nice, we were with 4, and the owner had real nice sails, today the race was around the island..

Wheater sunny, 8-15 kots of wind, 40 minutes no wind and 10 minutes of rain, then perfect wheater again..
There are 200 entrants, so what we did is 'start' just befor the real big expensive and very fast boats start, and let them overtake us on the first run with genakers. We do a speed of 8-9 knots, they 15 and even more.. They have sometimes 23 people on board of which 18 are sitting with their legs over the side to try to balance the sometimes carbon boats of 25m and bigger.

We did well, 0800 on board, 'start' at 1000 and 'finish' at 1530, 1745 at Lagoonies for beer, Coctails and simple meal,

Every body could tell I had been on the water, the Brouwn Head was a little red, and whiter around the eyes because of the sunglasses..

The Nix of Cortlever (X 612 with nice new carbon sails) did very well, they think probably first in their class. Story of the day for them was that they tried to pass a rock to close, and ran into it twice with only 5 knots by the way, bust glasses in the cupboards did not make it, less to clean. One of their (paying) crew asked for a live vest after the incident(s) btw..

xxxx They were 2nd..;class_id=200

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