Monday, March 14, 2011

Diesel dirt in tanks and its consequences

OK, tanks have dirt, to much dirt because engin quits every 2 hours and I have to clean the lines.
We take out the 25l 'daytank' and clean it, put it back in and....
now it leaks. I find a nice 2 component epoxy and we fix it with wood, rubber and spanbanden.

We put it back and it holds its diesel now. At 23.45 I hear water running, and investigation leads to the daytank again, other leak, realy gushing out now. Again I find a nice cilliputty kind of mass and with some wood.... it stops and leak free.

Making a new aluminium day tank is not expensive, but no time, will take 3 weeks.. I had to show tank so we took it out again, and build in again for the time beiing, looks ok.

23.30, the cilliputty can not hold it any more, and again a gusher of diesel..

I empty it again, but then no engin and no generator. Shut down 1 fridge, ok.

Today I will try to make a daytank out of 25l plastick jerrycan, so we have to fit the level stick, diesel in, diesel rewturn line of generator and Mercedes, and 1 overflow and 1 vent.
On bottom of tank 2 valves, we take everything from the old tank, should work.
Addie (of the 'Annie' and Sabine) will help me, at least the work is funn..

But the simple action of cleaning a tank (3 hours work) tuns out to we a 2 weeks job with many disappointments and other jobs with have to wait...

One very good thing is that we got the Mercedes starting reasenabky well now, I still had a new start engin and when we put that on it turns 2 times as fast as the old one, and now starting is much easier, Pfffff, should have tought about that long time ago..

In the mean time the wheater is perfect, surrounding coulors still Turquoise, Blue and Blue..
With the neighbours (they have their own problems like generater has to come out today for major repairs AND expensive chartplotter thing) of the 'Victory' we had nice lunch at 'karaker', strange place squised between the 'schiphol' runway (40m) and the perfect beach (a few meters).
If the KLM 747 takes off to go to Curacao (and then back to Amsterdam) all paper things (like money) also take off where everyone sits en enjois the entourage..
Karakter - Reviews, Photos - Wow...amazing - TripAdvisor

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