Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rescue etc at cat-race around SXM

Around St. Maarten - St. Martin Multihull Regatta 2011 (= site + pictures cumming up soon)

I was asked to put in startline and 1st top mark, then be driver of support/rescue boat and assist sailors if requested/nesasary,
I asked Jan Bart of the Victory to join me..

here his report: 26 februari 2011 Simpson Bay « Victory At Sea

Round SXM record 2.36.02 (2003, Steve Fosset's Playstation, 40m long, 46m high with Ridchard Brandson at helm/wheal)

winner 2011 KARIBUNI needs 2.42.17... not bad, JUST 6MIN AND A BIT SHORT

O ja, there was nothing to be rescued, first we checked on the smallest participant, a 2.5m 'long' trimaran' (with mainsail, gib, and 2m2 genaker.. Luckeyly it stoped at Marigot, so we could catch up with the Hobie Cat which was last now. We held him in sight and did our own trick. If you ever try it your self, go 'sort of ' fast up wind against a lot of waves (blue/tuquoise collored)...

U need a throttle man to take back gas going up the wave (so u do not flip the boat) and throttle up on top of the wave when the bow is down to horizontal again. If you do not do this, or to late, the bow will burry it's self in the next wave..

And there was no other way, if you slow down the boat does not plane anymore, slow down and the waight of the engine wil make the bow point up and the waves and wind will push you back. U will not make it upwind.

Was fun. But no chance of staying dry, fully soked we were... Afterwards we filled up the tank, needed 60l (80us$) gas, not to bad.

Pizza afterwards with Monique and Jan Bart

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