Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Arrived tuesday 1500 Simpson Bay SXM

I called ahead and Peter (day-sails charters) came to take some picktures when I sailed into de Bay..

Anchored in front of the Victory (Jan Bart en Monique), drop dighy, get the 15Hp of the rail, lower in dinghy, get is on the mount of dinghy, have beer on the Victory, Checked in with Customs at 1645 and was at 1715 at the bar of Lagonies where also came later the Crew of the X NIX, Nico, Letty Cortlever with Gijs who jsut landed 45 min ago on the island, Henk (Island WaterWorld), Jan Bart, Michael (German I run into snice Las Palmas) with without Angie, Elly, etc etc. Today the crew of the 'Annie' German Sabine and Dutch dingges

I'm anchored in Simpson Bay, next to the Bridge, with behind 'us small boats anchored) the big Mega crusers 'A' of the Russian Banker, the 'Eclips' of Abramoviets, on big Cruser with big sailboat ON BOARD with mast (4 zalingen dus grote mast), the Trimaran of Nelson Piquet, many more

Inside the Lagoon all places for big expensive motor and sail boats are taken, very imperssive quality, loads of personel on moost boats and decadence sumtimes.

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