Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No sun yesterday!!

It was a day with 25 knots and rain for 2 hours and then the wind was nothing until the night.. Then thunderstorms ahead and above, so I rolled away the genoa and waited sleeping, was little wind anyhow. Later I began sailing again and thunderstorms moved away in front of me.. was OK.
At night the wind was 18 nots SE, and still is, so I can only make 185, should be 165.. Upwind the condor does now 4.8 knots at 50gr to the wind, so I need E=90gr to make it to Grenada, very interesting, not really nice going upwind against the current at low speed..

So, only 95 miles yesterday, there is a position report somewhere, but here the numbers 14.16.4N 62.28.0W at 0741 here. Sun is shining now, looks way better because yesterday was strange..


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