Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grenada is OK

I'm still at St George's, Grenada is nice, everybody speaks English, no criminality, nice weather and wind, no insects... perfect.
There are 3 other dutch boats and Germans, Belgium's, US and Canadians. Sunday I toured around the island with a American couple who rented a car, and we visited 7 falls, a nice walk through the 'Forrest' to is were it was nice to swim under the falls..

I play pool and watch films with other dutch, swim every day, and also every day something breaks down again, so always something to repair. last night the 2 weeks old inverter (12V to 220V) broke down, strange, nobody understands, its the 2nd in 4 weeks, so what do you do, buy a new one? Yeah, no choice..

Since Trinidad is very warm, and high crime (6 death a day) so I stay here for a while I think now, but things may change, and here you have to be able to move out quickly since it is at the edge of Hurricane risk area, so we will see..

for now... Cheers Han

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