Monday, June 8, 2009

Back in Simpson Bay

I got out the Lagoon Sunday, took all day because the French bridge only opened at 1800 and I was there at 1100, ran aground several times on the way over and in the small spot for the bridge it was hard to anchor.. It took 10 tries before I finally got hold..I looked down in the water and was right above a ship wreck, just enough room above it, but the water is so clear it made me scared that the anchor would get stuck on or even in it.. Did not dare to get off the boat,

The inverter (12V to 220V) blew up, same as the normal adapter, so today I bought some new of thos, and 2 of each, I really need them nowadays...
The new fridge works good, nice cold drinks, but batteries do not like it, this morning fridge was 9grC, because batteries were low..

New plan is to leave Wednesday or Thursday, and go to Grenada in one go, 5 day's I think, hope I can make it against the current and halve/upwind..

cheers Han

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