Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Back on Condor and just though the 1600 bridge..
Outside in Simpson bay again
after very nice 10 day's of 'work'..
more pics of last few days will follow later..
Monday from Shell beach around St Barth with 25+knots sight seeing as close as was comfortable..  perfect,
Overnight in Collombier,
next morning to Orient, 1st breakfast behind Green Cay at 0930
then to Pinel..  the surreal tropical place..
Over night there, left 0700 to go through french bridge at 0900, take diesel at Island Water World,
the park Cat at Lagoonies, doe the clearing in at customs, get all my shit of the Escape and onto the Condor which I had left at Lagoonies..  and move out,

1630.. back on anchor outside in Simpson Bay


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