Sunday, January 18, 2015

ahhh.. u may weep.. I apologize

ahhh.. u may weep..
Roel Ballieux or Cesar Sierhuis .. don't remember who had a picture about Club med boats and to have after working life.. See me here pas under its bow..
There were 2 here, I used one as top and one as bottom mark..
And Jaguar is here.. tried to use reflection..
I'll try again 2 morrow.. Cheers Cheers and cheers..
With Jules Mitchell and Lewis Hamilton..
uhh no, an other Lewis, but his father is supposed to be KING here I heard.. sure..

 lets have lunch/dinner father of Lewis.. (take the kids and Jules..) at Tom's Cloggy's.. (above Skully's/SeaBreeze)..

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