Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 RORC Caribbean 600 Race with the 'Nix'

Monday we start with the Nix (a X 612) the 600 at Antigua, with a nice fleet of 60 boats..

Captain Nico Cortlever made a schedule.. 

The race will take 3 days.. Looks like around 15knots wind from the east at the end SE:

24-2 11:00 Start at Antigua, short beat upwind the first hour, then Genaker
24-2 15:00 Gybe around mark under Barbuda 24-2 20:30 Nevis (gijp)
25-2 01:30 Saba beat upto  St. Barth
25-2 07:00 St. Barth down wind to St. Maarten
25-2 10:00 St. Maarten beat up the Anguilla channel
25-2 12:00 Tintamare (end of Anguilla channel) Guadeloupe
26-2 07:00 Iles de Saintes beat up to Les Desirades
26-2 14:00 Les Desirades reach to Barbuda
26-2 22:30 Boei Barbuda reach to Redonda
26-2 03:00 Redonda beat to Antigua
26-2 09:00 Finish Antigua

Biggest problem is passing under Guadeloupe. Doldrums..?
RORC safety regulations..  

We will be sailing with 3 shifts of 3 persons (Nico-Paul.St-Joop) (Bob-Pieter-Han)
(Willem-Hein-Paul So.) Letty does the catering..  

3 are sailing the boat, 3 others are ready to help, the others sleep/rest
We use 1 set of sails, below 20 knots the  Carbon racemain, the Carbon gib #3 always, spare..
dacron gib, spi/Genny upto 25 knots.. 

You can follow us with the fleet tracking system..   


Boat info and Nix site:

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