Friday, November 2, 2012

St Maarten

Sailed of from Grenada Monday 1930, anchored Thursday 1700 Simpsonbay St maarten..
First night was very fast, even had 8.3 knots on GPS,  a high reach, wind and trim perfect for big Genoa and main..  But next day also long period with little wind, then good wind again, and Wednesday even 1.9knots speed.. was not good.
Wednesday night dinghy dropped out davits, but had problem fixed in an hour.. (take Genoa away and go in wind on engine slow, and finally decided to tow dinghy last day..
When there was plenty wind, no problems, but last day wind dropped and of course turned against me, so last 25nm took sort of half a day, but weather perfect, so, no problems, nice sailing, 30C or close, so even at night simply shorts are enough outside.. Water temp is 29.5C, so even a spray of water not bad..

So almost 3 days, 5kn average, so be it..

 I saw realy only this big container boat in 3 days, and some dolphins..

 Upwind, from the pots on the stove u can tell...
Thursday morning, passing Saba..  the highest point of the Netherlands..
 1700 Anchored now at Simpson bay, St Maarten with Saba in background, 30 nm away..

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