Monday, November 5, 2012

LSR 3 nov (to be combined with next on 17th of nov)

Pictures and unofficial results St Maartens Day Reggatta

Some great sailing, super weather and exciting results last Saturday. With protests (me Han against Robbie, hearing somewhere coming days (with protest comity: David de Vries, Paul Miller (official judges) and Ernst Looser) and Portsmouth Yardstick calculations and yet another race results to be added much can change. All very exciting .

Looking forward to the second St Maarten's Day series with anticipation .
Ruargh         Jukkel Stukkels.(Startship)

LSR    5  races  ( subject to results of Protests )     (a bullet is 1st place in a race)
1 Frits      -Seahawk           with   6  points  ( with 4 bullets )
2 Robbie  -Budget Marine    with 12  points  ( with  3 secondplacings ) 
3 Han      - Elevator Service  with 19 points  ( with 1 bullet )
4 Guy      - Best Advice       with  21 points  ( with 1second place ) 
5 John     - FKG                  with  28 pionts
6 Deerk    -SMYC               with  30 points
7 Claudio  -Eurocar             with  31 points
8 Jerry      -WIB                  with  33 points 

Frits Bus..  1,1,1,2,1

 the rest can be seen at

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