Monday, May 28, 2012

Troubles, troubles

 Joop and his Razzle Dazzle leaving for Bonaire with Paul Stbk as crew, ahh, interesting comby, argue wise
 Gluing the kitchen sink drainage back together did not work btw..

Mercedes engine is running, but according to the battery monitor only charging 2.6amps, but have to add Icebox (4.5) and compu/inverter (5) so 12amp loading. 12.56V on house batteries, but 12.37V and not loading the start battery.. I have a system what should load the start battery (55amp) first and when that is finished/full start loading the house battery(900amp)..

So shit not working.

If I run the generator .. it does not want to charge at all, nothing, but all components should be ok.

During the day on solar and wind energy I see input of 15-20 amps, sometimes shortly even 30 amps,
meaning that then batteries are being charged normally.

I cannot load the batteries, so checked them out around 12.2V, load tested them and the meter showed above weak, meaning they have had their best time but..
Generator should still be able to put some in,someone suggested that my not even 2 year old Trojans T105 (6V Cart batteries, tested them individually .. load test 5sec 6.2V goes to 6V, on of the 8 batteries went to 5.8V, and that was only battery that did NOT need water added..
OK, but still tested just above weak, so system should still at least work..

I've not found a way to solve these problems
So I have power problems,
Making the Icebox empty, today finished the pizza, chocolate ice cream and chicken meat..
Tomorrow finish rest and shut down cooling..
Ai..  me not like.

Also the drainage of kitchen sink has fatal injuries, so have to work withe bucket or something and clime out with it and throw waste water over board manually.... oempf

Hard times here,

most people have left,
Heaveyly roling from left to right and back all day, outside in the Simpson bay there are only the Passaat and Boyo and me left and 3 other boats..
Everybody gone for the Hurricane season, but I can not leave anyhow like this, planning to stay until problems sorted and papers for the Condor updated, also real effort here for some reason for me unknown still..
Depth meter wind meters and diesel tank meter also seem to have issues, same as water tank, but that is manageable.

All other plans are on hold.
Saturday somebody was supposed to come for the electrics but did not show up. I could have done some sailing, but cancelled.. for nothing, arrg

The sea water is nice turquoise blue/green, sun and clouds are ok, need bit more wind to get trough night power wise..

Also 6 month ago, halve a year, that ..

ah, maybe later


nb I still have some Southern Comfort, and I need it. Also have to hold the bottle or it flies of the table... Was just in time..

(btw batteries down to 12.14V, have to shut down power on compu and wait for the sun and solar power.. me not happy)

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