Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prop shaft cut in 2, Condor almost fully painted sides...

Ha, did not plan to fully paint the Condor, but had the paint and the time, so 'off white' looks good on the boat again..
Prop shaft was different koekie.. The engine side of the prop shaft was not to be freed of a cone shaped metal holding device... The, not anymore so good, shaft was bent at the prop end heavily, so it had to get out for straightening, and cutless bearing also did not come out, so we decided to cut the prop shaft and fit a new one. So no splash Monday, probably Wednesday because Tuesday they do not work..
Winds (normally always 20-25knots NE-E-sometimes even SE) are gone on Wednesday for the rest of the week, no good for sailing. Pitty, plans now are... wait and see

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