Friday, November 4, 2011

Ribs hurt, Carlos does the hard work on the Condor now..

After flight my ribs hurt like hell, so I found Carlos (51 from Azores, prof fisherman, and lives on his Collin Archer of 12m) to help me out so Condor is back in water next week..
Long days for me, have to get up at 5.45 to pick him (and Ed, drop him of at Curacao Marine) up at Norman's (Spaanse Water) so work starts at 7.30 and so on and so on. I do coffie, bake eggs, cold drinks in Cooler and go to shops to get material etc etc, today ready with sanding and start with epoxy filler to shape the keel and rudder the way I like it, and so on.
Then exchange the cutless bearing and deep sea seal op propshaft so next wednesday back in water..
Internet down now for 3rd day, whole area at piscadera bay has no internet, time will tell...

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