Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New engine mounts... propshaft trouble also over..

Engine mounts were old, gave problems with shaking and also the probshaft made noice when using engine to propell the Condor.
New mounts also ment welding the supports differently etc, So monday we bought new mounts and planned welder, and to go in Lagoonies for the work..
I was in Lagoonies tuesday 800, 0910 Ton had the engine on bloks and went to welder with them.
They were ready at 1600, few holes were still to be drilled. I spray painted them before happy hour.
Here were Rob Knegt and Willem Beerman with the Nix'es Nico and letty Cortleven, they are sailing the Nix (X612) to Azores thursday the 12th (leaving on friday the 13th was no option). NB they left 12th, arrived 15 days later minus 2 genoa's and one spi.. and I thought little wind..

Today some adusting to the mounts but at 1300 I tried to start the engine, needed some help (battery problems, altenator not loading starter battery suddenly but still loading house batteries) but at 13.30 we were moving and the job had good results, engine silent and propshaft nice and quiet.. perfect.

During the rest of the time we tried to fix a 11 month old fridge.. in the end the Compressor was dead, so a new frige simply broken and not worth putting other compressor in.. strange..
Warrenty? The shop (Island Water World) where I got it last year offers me a new one with 10% discount..
Mine last year was 780 usd, the same one they sell now for 995 usd. And how will we do that next year if the new one is broken again, then I pay 1200 usd and get an other 10%????????????????????

Other job we started with is taking apart the interior, I need to make boat stronger where the stays manage to pull up the deck nowadays. Fix it under deck... welding and 'new' interior..... Auwww

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