Monday, May 23, 2011

New Doyle main arrived, and it fits...

Perfect wind to try and see if it fits.. It does, only just on the boom, could have been few cm smaller but maybe it is just perfect with a reef line to pull max backwards to flatten the sail.

Onlything, there is no way to fit a cunningham...

Challenge High Aspect Dacron 52/IW70 8.62 Dacron, 2 standard battens, 2 full (top) battens, 2 reefs (second reef on 3rd reef place, the other inbetween), slides, headboard, seam coating, moderate grith, and a bag.
Ripped the old main feb 21st, Ordered Doyle main April 13th (first halve payment) .. and Fedex delivered to St Maarten 20th may 2010.

357 sqft or 33.15m2, 2590us$ Doyle, made in Barbados West Indies.. Rob Harms Doyle Curacao.

NB Illustration of other options: Lee sails (HongKong) quotes a sail like this 1300us$ (incl delivery St Maarten), North (South Africa) 3700us$

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