Saturday, May 8, 2010

Very busy 2010 hurricane season?

Tropical cyclone heat potential map
sea surface teperatures now..

A forecast is: 16 Named Storms, 9 Hurricanes and 4 major Hurricanes...

-Atlantic will remain warmer than normal
- El Nino weaker at heart of hurricane season, will not cool water
- Sea level pressures lower, lighter winds and less wind shears= more available moisture and in the end higher sea surface temeratures (july-september)
-above average sealevel pressures in east Pacific means air will be sinking in east Pacific and rising in Atlantic basin. Rising air promotes more storminess

So with sea surface temperatures running above normal and forecast lower than normal surface pressures; first storm in early june if not before then...

this comes from

so I will go to Grenada/Trinidad and later Curacao end of may again.. supposed to be safe there..

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